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Ho crap. There's this French video rental place near my house that an old friend of mine told me about years and years ago, talking about how great it was because it had so many games. It didn't really have that much more than Blockbuster, and my dad wasn't about to get a membership for that place, so I just called it pretty neat and forgot about it. About a year after that, probably, Blockbuster stopped carrying N64 and SNES games, and I was very sad, but never really thought of going to that French place.

Finally, today, on my way home from the clinic (which was closed when I got there D:), I decided to look inside that video store just for fun, only to discover just how freaking huge it is. It has Wii games, PS3 games, XBox360 games, a huge selection of Gamecube, PS2 and XBox games, and more SNES and N64 games than I could have hoped for. The game I wanted to find the most was Earthbound for the SNES, and they didn't have it, but they did have Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Goemon's Great Adventure and Flying Dragon. Three games I've been looking for for years and years. Each for 50 bucks.

I can't afford them now, but as I'm just starting my extremely part-time tutoring job tomorrow, in a couple weeks I'll be able to start buying them. omg :D I'm supposed to be saving up for a Wii, but I think I'll set myself back at least 50 bucks if it means getting one of these freaking holy grails. Wow. :D
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