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Co-maintainer here! I did some Goemon fanart the other week and the lovely Wing said I should post them!

This is the current top image for my fansite

4000 hits pic

Yay for Goemon fanstuffs! There needs to be more :)

And oh how I want to play Goemon DS~ ;_; Has anyone here done so?
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Nice, I really like the art style.

And would that be Don Patchi I see in your mood icon? o_o
Thanks! And it would indeed! I <3 Bobobo!

Bobobo = <3
and, Don Patchi = <3<3<3<3<3
Yay, you posted them! Go Sercha, go Sercha~ It's your birthday, it's...no wait, it's not XD I really like the colours and painting style used for these, so lively ^^
wow! those are awesome! ^^
it gives me the urge to pick up Mystical Ninja 64 and play it all over again. ^^
The goemon DS game is pretty good...It's kind of like Ganbare Goemon THree for the SNES, and it has really great music (as expected..). But, there are some cumbersome parts..Ah, still a good one~. Also, your pictures are really nice, good job.

And Bobobobo pwns ;D!
Awesome style :) Great pic!