zicksen (zicksen) wrote in mysticalninja,

Many years ago, I got a game for Christmas called "Goemon's Great Adventure." I don't know where my Dad heard of it, but he got it. I played through it and managed to finish it completely without any guides. It was fun, but I packed it in the cabinet and forgot about it.

When I was looking through my old N64 games, I looked at GGA and decided to play it again. I had a blast. I remembered the funny dialogue and everything. The soundtrack was also amazing. I looked up some information about GGA on the Internet and I found a game prior to it... Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. So, I bought off it eBay.

I liked GGA a tad better, but Mystical Ninja was awesome. I loved the dialogue, it was so stupid sometimes that it was downright hilarious. It also had a great soundtrack and everything. After that, I realized how much I enjoyed the Goemon series. I wish more games would come to the USA.
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